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Winner Out of Fashion competition

Fashion meets film in an inspirational yet somewhat eery project by creative Niek Pulles of HEYNIEK.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 17-02-2011

Patch Up Pull Over is the title of fashion designer and film maker HEYNIEK’s latest project and winner of the 2011 Out of Fashion competition.

The Out of Fashion Film Competition - part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam - called on young designers and film makers to visualize the concept of their fashion collections through the medium of film. Not only Dutch designers such as Niek Pulles and Pauline van Dongen participated, there were also a number of international names such as Ana Rajcevic and Hektor Piotr Kowalski in the mix.

It was Niek Pulles (or HEYNIEK) whose winning piece of cinematography stole the show. Depicting a collection of swatches and fabric ideas for the fashion industry, Patch Up Pull Over - as the film is named - is no ordinary womenswear collection as Pulles explains: “This piece looks into the concept of how we as a society cover and patch up our most valuable assets, our purest form, our bodies. Reshaping and rebranding them to create something we are not.”

The film shows various models swathed in an array of brightly-coloured and lustrous fabrics that are pulled over heads and bodies to hide ‘imperfections’ and then pulled off to reveal the bare skin. “The project is all about shielding and decoration, rapidly combined.” The shielding aspect is found in the materials’ water repellent and reflective qualities, gained by fragmented coatings, texture and relief. These coatings - together with the print - also represent the decorative side as they allow for an unusual pattern on the fabric.

“All the fabrics you see in the film are experimental materials made by me,” explains Pulles. Most of the fabrics are Lycra or Neoprene, either handmade or by machine. “I had a lot of time to make material and visual experiments so I did a lot of silkscreen printing, but I also used a laser machine.” A variation on the colourful patterns are currently part of Pulles’ legwear collection but we may see his fabrics pop up in another designer’s collection as the film is meants as “an inspirational film for the fashion industry”.

Click here for the film Patch Up Pull Over

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Main image: Still from Patch Up Pull Over
Other images top to bottom: 1.-5. Film stills, 6. Legwear HEYNIEK

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