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Viktor & Rolf launch Spring Summer 2009 collection online

Fashionistas are cordially invited to view the new Spring Summer 2009 collection of Viktor & Rolf which was launched today in their online virtual couture salon. It's a kaleidoscope of crystals...

By Jeanne Tan /asdf 02-10-2008

Big stones, little dresses.

Viktor & Rolf unveiled their awaited Spring Summer 2009 collection In the tradition of the great fashion houses during the golden years of couture, the show is held in the grand salon only this time it's a virtual couture salon in the online house of Viktor & Rolf, with not a front row celebrity (nor their catfights for seats) in sight.

Entitled 'Shalom' after the model Shalom Harlow who stars in the show, the collection is inspired by crystals, arising from the collaboration with Swarovski Crystals. Bright crystal colours and oversized facetted stones were the focus, with silhouettes kept simple to emphasise the chunky crystal, juxtaposed with chrystalline geometries and light fabrics. Shiny crystals are contrasted with matte crystals dipped in black paint which were specially developed for Viktor & Rolf. They were named the 'Black Hole' stones as a homage to their A/W 01-02 Black collection. 'The Swarovski crystals used on our special pieces of S/S 2009 collection transform the dresses into wearable kaleidoscopes. We wanted a fairytale effect which really comes to life with three couture mini dresses, each one completely covered in Swarovski crystal', say the designers.

Photography: Peter Stigter

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