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Ursula Pelt launches Dutch fashion at Moscow Fashion Week

Fashion designer and rock star: Ursula Pelt becomes the first Dutch designer to present at Moscow Fashion Week AND she also performed the music live for her own show.

By Katie Dominy /asdf 01-04-2009

Last weekend saw designer Ursula Pelt showcase her collection entitled ‘Magnitka’ on the official Moscow Fashion Week catwalk.

As well as designing, Ursula also forms half of the band Party Horse, alongside husband and musician David Kay. "Playing during my show was a surprise to all the guests", Pelt says. "It was truly amazing, everybody was very enthusiastic about my show and I received some great comments from Russian fashion critics, fashion TV channels, MTV and Russian celebrities, such as artist Alexander Petlura."

The collection ‘Magnitka’ is inspired by Ursula’s travels to Magnitigorsk and Moscow. "I was invited to show a selection of my work at the Polovodie Fashion Festival last year in Magnitogorsk, Russia. But because the festival was postponed for a month and the flight tickets had already been bought, the organizers gave me the tickets so that I could go on a short holiday to Moscow. This is where my "Magnitka' collection started to be designed. A month later I flew to Magnitogorsk to do my show at Polovodie (Magnitogorsk is near the Ural Mountains, on the border of Kazakhstan)."

"For this collection I chose soft colours such as cream, tan, light blue and light pink in combination with bold black prints. The materials were bought at markets in Moscow and in fabric shops in Magnitogorsk. The fabrics are very lightweight, soft and quite transparent; the texture is similar to a refined cheesecloth. The shapes of my garment designs are always simple, elegant, classic and recognisable", Pelt continues. On the catwalk, the folkloric patchwork and delicate round edges, used together with black prints give the collection an ethereal quality.

"For each collection I travel to a city I've never been to before. The people, the customs, the buildings, the clubs, the scenery, the transport, the weather etc.....I take everything in and get inspired for a new collection. I use this new experience to build a strong concept, chose shapes/silhouettes, set the atmosphere/mood for the clothing, pick colours and types of materials and make new black prints (prints in black are my signature and I always design my own prints). When I’m in this 'new city' I always search and buy fabrics at local fabric shops or markets (also accessories and other items for future shows). I choose to work this way because it helps me make the collection and concept very exclusive, special and strong."

And the music? "For Party Horse it was also a very good time. We played at the official opening party at the Forbes Club, a fancy club that only opened a week before Russian Fashion Week. So it was a true première for us AND the club. We actually got to play before any of other band/singers that are booked for later in the year (such as the Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga). Then we played at my fashion show on the catwalk - it was really a amazing experience."

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