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The Premsela Design Forum on Repairing

Repairing is environmentally friendly, but it also changes the relationship between object and user from superficial to enduring and unique. To repair is to restore and renew. A symposium of top speakers get together to discuss the issue.

Event date: 24-04-2009 at 18:30

By Editor /asdf 30-03-2009

A discussion on the value of repairing things in a throwaway society.

Recycling is a contemporary code word people often use when talking about responsible, conscious production. At its Milan design forum on Wednesday 22 April, Premsela, Dutch platform for design and fashion, will focus attention on an all but forgotten alternative path to reuse: repairing broken and damaged items.

Romeo Gigli Cafe, Via Angelo Fumagalli 6, 20143 Milano
Wednesday 22 April 2009
Opening time: 18.30
Cocktails: 20.30 until 10.00

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The Premsela Design Forum on Repairing
Via Angelo Fumagalli 6


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