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Stock, Options!, Exchange caught up with Suzanne Oxenaar, Ina Meijer of INAMATT and Florianne Eshuis for a tour round the recently completed Exchange hotel, breakfast bar Stock and Options! shop.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 08-12-2011

After a jam-packed opening last Friday, the Exchange, Options! and Stock are already buzzing with tourists, design lovers and hotel guests alike. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Damrak, Oxenaar, Meijer and Eshuis make a calm impression.

Responsible for the design of the public spaces (and also some of the hotel rooms), INAMATT approached the project in a similar way to the AMFI students and graduates, treating the rooms like models and the furniture as accessories. So the bar of Stock is a huge bar of gold, the reception a bright-red bag and a light installation at the Exchange a necklace.

The design duo is also responsible for a number of products showcased at Options! , the designs of which are reflected in the café and hotel. All other products have been chosen by Lloyd-hotel's Florianne Eshuis who explains how many of the items sold refer to travel and collaborations. "The huge table forming the centerpiece of the shop is by Jo Nagasaka, we saw it in Japan but instead of transporting the table to the Netherlands, the designer was flown in. He collaborated with a Dutch company to realize this imaginative design."

The shop itself has a sewing workshop theme, wherein the Nagasaka's massive centrepiece is the cutting table, mobile trolleys serve as presentation, and the large underground storey offers a catwalk, events and exhibition space, yet also a workshop for select AMFI students.

On to the hotel itself now with its one-to-five-star concept (much like the Lloyd hotel). After a sneak peek in the workshop located next door, it was exciting to see the finished rooms - which don't disappoint. Entering each room is rather like an advent calendar: a surprise awaits you behind each door.

From the 80s room featuring a giant sweater and mini-skirt to the romantic crinoline room or the Rembrandt room - which features a life-sized ruff, each suite has its own identity. A stark white room lined with delicate origami forms a wonderful contrast with the rearview of Amsterdam's inner-city buildings.

By allowing AMFI students and graduates creative freedom in this hotel project some wonderful (if not altogether practical) designs have been realized. Ina Meijer sums up: "The rooms will be kept in fashion, constantly changing thanks to fresh ideas and alternating designers. This will also be reflected in the shop" allowing the project to evolve and stay current.

Read our previous article explaining the hotel's concept here

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