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In today's digital age, paper is becoming an obsolete medium for communication. Artistically, the material is gaining more popularity than ever as revealed by the cleverly crafted creations in Paper Cut currently showing as part of the Graphic Design Festival Breda.

By Editor /asdf 13-05-2010

Paper is not only for printing or writing on! An exhibition at KOP as part of the Graphic Design Festival Breda, entitled Paper Cut shows quirky and innovative ways in which graphic designers and artists are working with paper.

Paper is one of the main materials of our society. A medium to preserve and share information and ideas. Now in the digital age, the the identity of the material is in a state of flux: artists and designers like to use it as an experimental medium for their work.

Paper Cut shows the astonishing results of working with paper in all shapes and sizes. A current, international collection of innovative designs made from paper. Some playful, imaginative and quick to make, others complicated and crafted to the most intricate detail. Different techniques of working are on display from the most basic such as cutting, folding and gluing to the use of modern technology as laser cutting and embossing. The exhibition contains diverse creations, small objects and figures, large installations, three-dimensional graphic images made by designers from different disciplines including design, graphic design, illustration, fashion, animation and film. Paper Cut gives an insight into the enormous creative potential of paper and reveals how this simple material is capturing the fantasy of designers and artists.  

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Robert Klanten from German publisher Gestalten. Klanten is co-editor of books such as Tangible, Paper Craft and Urban Interventions. Together with KOP, Klanten selected more than 14 internationals designers for Paper Cut. Julien Vallee (CAN), Peter Lundgren (SWE), Postlerferguson (GB), Kenn Munk (GB), Elisabeth Lecourt (FR), Hina Aoyama (JAP), Brian Dettmer (US), Susy Oliveira (CAN), Marshall Alexander, NaniBird (US), Matt Hawkins (US), Shin Tanaka (JAP), LouLou & Tummie, Hattie Newman (GB).

The exhibition is designed by Studio Spass.

Alongside the work of the designers, animations made using paper will also be shown. There are videos from Ciara Phelan, Jeremias Boettcher, Apt & Asylum films, Hattie Newman, Rogier Wieland, Benoit Lemoine, Pierre Vanni, Julien Vallee, 1st Ave Machine, Carlo Giovanni, Andersen M studio, Johnny Kelly, Jesse Brown & Sean Pecknold, Bent Image Lab, Asif Man, Ben Sciascia and others.

Paper Cut is part of the Graphic Design Festival Breda which takes place from 8 until May 30. The Graphic Design Festival is a biennial festival about graphic design that addresses the contemporary developments in this field, and largely takes place in the public realm.

Paper Cut
7 May until 20 June 2010

Photography: Rachelle Delcroix

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