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Oeuvre Prize, Benno Premsela Prize and Prize for Art Criticism

The six winners of the BKVB Fund’s biannual prizes for fine arts, design and building have been announced. The prizes, together worth €40,000, are among the biggest prizes awarded in the Dutch cultural world.

By Editor / 07-11-2007

The six winners of the BKVB Fund’s biannual prizes for fine arts, design and building have been announced. The prizes, together worth €40,000, are among the biggest prizes awarded in the Dutch cultural world.

This year no fewer than four oeuvre prizes have been awarded: two for fine arts, one for design and one for building. The aim of the BKVB Fund prizes is recognise the work of artists, designers and architects with an exceptional track record in their field.

Oeuvre prize fine arts
René Daniels, a fine artist who produced exceptional work, especially in the 1980s. His paintings and drawings deal with language, image, poetry and the art world. Although his career was interrupted in 1987 by a brain haemorrhage, his work has remained fresh, timeless and current, and is still an influence on new generations of artists.

Extra oeuvre prize for fine arts
Ad van Denderen, documentary photographer, known for long-running projects such as ‘Go No Go’ and the recent ‘Edges of the Mediterranean’, in which he investigates the way the world is put together with his camera. His photos combine the suffering and beauty of the world, but he is also prepared to put the aesthetic aspect to one side in the interests of the subject.

Oeuvre prize design
Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, industrial designer whose work includes the Dutch Euro, as well as the famous neck watch and the Sikkens fan. His well thought-out designs are based on the idea that ‘more would be unnecessary, less impossible’. His work combines technology, ethics and aesthetics in a harmonious way, and shows a lot of attention to detail.

Oeuvre prize building
Wim Quist, architect and professor, also known for his work as a government architect. His work is a skyscraper in the world of Dutch architecture. Among his designs are the Beelden aan Zee Museum in Scheveningen, the Randstad office in Amsterdam, extensions to the Kröller Müller Museum, the Oosterschelde Flood Barrier Duty Office, the Maritime Museum and the Willems Wharf in Rotterdam.

The BKVB Fund also announced its prize for art criticism and the Benno Premsela Prize. The prize for art criticism is intended as recognition of the work of critics who work in the areas of the fine arts, design and building. The Benno Premsela Prize is awarded to a person who has played an inspirational and stimulating role in the work of generations of artists, designers and architects. The prize is named after designer and project initiator Benno Premsela (1920-1997), a trendsetter in his area who was closely involved in the setting up and development of the BKVB Fund.

Prize for art criticism
Hugues C. Boekraad is primarily known as a critic of graphic design. He has written numerous articles and books, including work on Wim Crouwel and more recently about Pierre Bernard. His work deals with graphic design in a thorough, engaged and accessible way. He has had a huge influence on the development of Dutch design, which is now so much in the international limelight. His critical reflections have influenced many generations of designers and continue to do so.

Benno Premsela Prize
Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker were awarded the prize for their work with Droog Design over the last 14 years. Their enormous commitment has seen this initiative grow into an internationally admired label and design platform that has had an enormous impact on the international design world. Their curiosity has ensured that they have constantly re-invented Droog Design and been able to attract upcoming talent.

The prizes will be awarded on Friday 25 January 2008.

Image: Renny Ramakers and Gijs Bakker, Droog

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