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New Logo VPRO

Thonik has launched the newly-designed visual identity for one of the Netherlands' best-known and unconventional cultural broadcasters. Watch the logo animation here. 

By Editor /asdf 26-08-2010

Dutch cultural broadcaster VPRO turns over a new leaf with the launch of its brand new logo. Designed by Thonik - known for their work in the cultural sector - the logo is the starting point of a new visual identity. 

The strong content that characterizes the VRPO is represented now by a recognizable identity that visually unifies the broadcaster as a whole. "What the VPRO stands for is known: It is about individuality, creativity, freedom and intellect. These are values we fight for with passion. That we do emphatically as VPRO," says Lennart van der Meulen, Managing Director VPRO. "We have therefore given VPRO itself a little refurbishment. We've put the old logo in the closet and designed new one. First with a heavy heart, then with a sigh of relief. Not as a break with the past, but as a step in a long tradition of pioneering design."

The logo consists of the letters VPRO in a newly developed font, with the round shapes in the 'p' and 'o' intersected by two triangles. The logo has been designed for flexible use, with more than one billion forms which can varied through color differences, gradients, patterns and radiation. These variations are made to be shown across different mediums and in between programs. Watch the animation of the logos below.

Using the font, new VPRO leaders can be made for programs such as Zomergasten, Holland Sport, Tegenlicht, Goudzoekers, VPRO Import, Vrije Geluiden, Boeken, Festivaljournaal and ZOZ. Along with the new style VPRO launched a new campaign under the slogan 'more VPRO.' The campaign starts with print in October, with television commercials to follow.

Since the launch this week, VPRO viewers and subscibers have posted their opinions on the VPRO website: some absolutely love the new visual identity, others loathe it. No doubt some will threaten to withdraw their subscriptions to the VPRO magazine or stop watching VPRO altogether. As with all things new, it's simply a matter of getting used to it...

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