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New bottle design for Grolsch

Grolsch is launching a new green version of its famous swing-top beer bottle.

By Editor /asdf 20-02-2008

Grolsch is launching a new green version of its famous swing-top beer bottle.

Grolsch's swing-top bottle, which during its 111-year existence has become the brewery's icon, is to undergo a metamorphosis. At the end of April 2008 the domestic Dutch market will be the first to experience the modern new design, which will replace the brown swing-top bottle. Other markets will follow.


The new swing-top bottle looks slimmer as it is slightly taller and narrower than the current design. The flattened sides also ensure that the bottle can be comfortably held. By retaining the characteristic shape and swing-top seal, the new design will remain recognisable and familiar to the consumer and the bottle still makes the familiar ‘popping’ sound when opened. The bottle has been designed by Flex Innovation Lab, the design agency that was also responsible for the design of the green 33 cl returnable bottle introduced by Grolsch at the end of 2006.

The swing-top bottle that helped Grolsch to achieve worldwide fame has essentially remained the same since its introduction in 1897. After the Ab Pasman, Chairman of the Executive Board, says: ‘The swing-top bottle is – and always has been – our icon to the rest of the world. Thanks to the introduction of the new green capped bottle at the end of 2006 and the new swing-top bottle, we have established ‘contemporary’ as another of our brand values. As a result, our beer is more attractive to a younger target group’.

The modern green swing-top bottle, which will replace the brown swing-top bottle in the Netherlands, will be available in supermarkets, off licences and Grolsch venues in the hospitality sector end of April. This will be followed by introductions in the other markets where the current export bottle is being replaced. The change is not limited to the bottle itself – the crate that holds 16 swing-top bottles has also been redesigned. The new crate is easier to carry and nearly one kilogram lighter. The old swing-top bottles and crates are to be fully recycled

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