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Log Cabin by Piet Hein Eek

When Dutch musical entertainer Hans Liberg needs to practice some tunes, he just steps outside to his rehearsal shed on wheels disguised as a pile of firewood.

By Editor / 23-03-2010

Blink, and you might think that the rehearsal cabin of Dutch musical entertainer Hans Liberg - situated in the forested surrounds of Hilversum - could be mistaken as a stack of logs (albeit a very organised one). 

Designed by Piet Hein Eek, this cabin takes the idea of scrapwood to a whole new level. Once the shutters (cleverly disguised using log sections) are opened, a cabin is revealed. Composed of stacked tree trunks, the exterior is supported by an internal metal frame. The compact interior, decked out in a cheery pale blue is constructed from plywood. Panoramic windows at seated eye-level afford stunning views of the forest, while benches are upholstered with a patchwork of fabrics in the style of Eek's Crisis Sofa. Fitted with wheels - to evade building regulations and council tax - the structure can be moved when needed. Perhaps then, it's more log caravan than cabin?

Photography Thomas Mayer Archive. More images here.

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