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Jewels & Joules from Brainport Eindhoven

Tree branches made of coloured glucose, and asparagus adorned with gold leaf form part of this delicious exhibition curated to showcase the best of Holland's Brainport region. Locally designed and produced this is a feast for the senses.

Event date: 22-04-2009 to 27-04-2009

By Editor / 01-04-2009

An original and partly edible show of products that have been designed and manufactured in the Eindhoven region, Jewels & Joules is a collaborative project of DCB and Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Jewels section of the exhibition is a reflection of the creative strength of local designers and the expertise of high-tech industries and craft-oriented workshops. This section also contains products that have been self-produced by the designers, in their own studio – a recent trend in the design world. A dynamic arrangement enables the products to communicate with each other. Kiki van Eijk’s craft-based earthenware pots, for example, are placed under tree branches of coloured glucose, thus creating the impression of catching a design candy shower developed by Marieke van der Bruggen. A comprehensive photo report visualises the entire making process ‘from drawing board to manufacture’.

White gold
In the exhibition Joules – named after the unit indicating the energy value of food – third-year students of Design Academy Eindhoven present the results of an investigation into the visual, ethical, and social aspects of food. The exhibition, which is based on a number of themes such as ‘waste’, cultural taste differences, ‘changing eating habits through the ages’, ‘the Dutch snacking culture’, also presents the findings of a study into the residual material of our food production under the very appropriate title Leftovers. The exhibition provides an overview of a wide range of social influences on what and how we eat. Imagine ready-to-eat dishes composed on the basis of colour, and a vegetable garden for urban use: ‘the herb roof’. Visitors will be able to sample the food too. Every day, the students will prepare tasty titbits with regional ingredients such as cheese from a local goat farm, mineral water from the region and freshly picked herbs from the garden in the exhibition space. Asparagus, the Brabant ‘white gold’ is served with a layer of gold leaf following a technique devised by an innovative top chef.

Anthony Kleinepier, TTTVO, Kiki van Eijk, Joost van Bleiswijk, Illona Huvenaars and Willem Derks, Jo Meesters, Snode Vormgevers, Drift, Mischer’Traxler, Maarten Kolk, Lucas Maassen, Marieke van der Bruggen, Charlotte Dumoncel, Julien Carretero, Harm Rensink.

Main image: Jo Meesters, Redefining Genetics
Image: Lucas Maassen, Yoga Chairs
Image: Snode Vormgevers, Gentlemen's Chamber 1953 Tree trunk stool
Image: Kiki van Eijk, Knick-Knack Pots

Address: Via Voghera 11, Zona Tortona
Press preview: Tuesday 21 April
Time: 15:00
Drinks: Thursday 23 April
Time: 17:00 until 20:00

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Via Voghera 11b


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