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Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB)

Start date: 08-05-2010
End date: 30-05-2010
Country: The Netherlands
City: Breda
Location: Various


Under the theme of decoding, Breda hosts the second biannual Graphic Design Festival happening from 8-30 May 2010 with a strong focus on public space and visual culture. 

By Editor / 22-04-2010

Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB) is a biannual festival on graphic design. The festival goes into present developments on this subject and a large part of it takes place in the public space.

From 8 to 30 May 2010 the second edition of GDFB will take place. A festival that will surprise the public and inspire the professionals by showing the communicative powers of graphic design within our daily visual culture. In a surprising though perceptible manner, talented designers connect graphic design, technology (like new media), social context (the presence of graphic design in one’s own environment / daily life) and the individual (the consumer).

The festival is not only meant for designers, but aims for a broader public. In the course of three weeks GDFB will reach the audience with presentations in the public space, thus stimulating thought about personal connection to visual culture. Also, the festival offers the professional audiences insight in contemporary developments in the craft by means of exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

Theme 2010
In 2010, the theme of the festival will be decoding. Innovation is a main issue in the evolvement of visual culture. Designers analyse the past, consequently constructing a basis for the future. Present-day’s digital as well as realistic surroundings consist mainly of ‘codes’. Examples are language, barcodes, login codes, scripts, postal codes, telephone numbers etc. Also, the unwritten laws in which we precipitate images are codes. These rules are shaped by our environment, social climate, education, history and culture.

What will happen when codes are dissected and altered? How do we experience our environment when codes are not (yet) known? Do these codes lead to confusion or renewal? Reprogramming of codes shows how humans function in an image-dictated society.

During GDFB, you can see how designers take information, images and interaction to hack, remix, sample, blend and code. Different workshops, exhibitions, lectures and presentations let you experience how we handle images in our daily environment. Check the website for the full program. Many of the events are free to the public.

GDFB intro clip
The 2010 GDFB leader is animated by Studio Smack. They have interpreted the DECODING theme into a databody suit. As we all have virtual databodies we are now able to show the world who we really are. A first prototype is expected during the festival! Watch the clip here.

Graphic Design Festival Breda (GDFB)
8 to 30 May 2010

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