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Funghi Lamp by Andreas Kowalewski

Berlin-born, Amsterdam-based designer Andreas Kowalewski has designed a series of lamps that look like they've sprouted from the earth.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 20-01-2011

The aptly named Funghi lamps take the form of, well, funghi.

Made from just one material (nylon webbing) and shaped by a single line, the objects imitate the natural growth of an actual mushroom. "The unconventional construction defines the motive of the lamp and shows it’s gradual growth, much like  tree," explains Andreas Kowalewski.

"Achieving the slight yet gradual slope of the shade and stand, while keeping the appearance of the woven fabric intact was a real challenge," says the designer. Using a special glue technique, the nylon webbing is bonded together, creating the recognizable shape of the lamps. "The idea of the design is comprehensible to people without having to explain anything in words," Kowalewski continues. Thanks to the material itself the mushrooms appear to glow from within rather than emitting a beam of light, creating a rather mystical light effect.

Developed as an experimental design, the lights aren't aimed at a commercial audience - although they are available as limited editions in three sizes and several colours. Rather, the design of the lamps was intuitive as the designer explains: "I didn't have a primary commercial objective, I was mainly concerned with the construction and manufacturing process. The industrial feasibility only became of recent interest."

"Furthermore, my latest projects are a counterbalance, with which I can realize more artistic, experimental or indefinite designs. Even so, it would be great if these lamps could bring a little smile to peoples faces."

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