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Five minutes with… Stortplaats van Dromen

Once again creating something from nothing in their Foundation Project, talks with Astrid Petersen and Rikkert Paauw of Stortplaats van Dromen.

By Cassandra Pizzey /asdf 14-04-2011

Last time we spoke, you were in Vienna building a shelter. What is it this time?

Rikkert Paauw (RP): "We were invited by Esterni to participate in the Public Design Festival here on this bridge. The idea was to build a kind of museum but we changed the plan somewhat and built Taverna. It's an open air bar where we serve food and drink."

The bar looks very professional, where did you source the materials from?
Astrid Petersen (AP): "As always we only use scavenged materials. We arrived here from the Netherlands literally aimed with only pots and pans and some tools. Last time we had a dumpster where people could 'donate' items, this time we actually went knocking on doors in the Isola district."

How did that work out?
AP: "As you can see we got everything we needed. The great thing is that the Isola area houses many artisans such as wood and metalworkers who helped out with leftover and scrap materials - unfortunately they've been overshadowed in past years by all the skyscrapers built in the area."

Last year you were in the Tortona area, how does this spot compare?
RP: "Last time we set up shop on a busy shopping street. At first we were a little skeptical but it turned out to be a great spot; both locals and the design crowd came to visit in numbers. Isola is more of an area for locals so we aren't getting the crowds here."

What is the idea behind Foundation Projects?
RP: "We really want to get local inhabitants more involved with their local areas. Take Taverna, we built the bar entirely from locally sourced materials, went to local markets to buy food for the soup we serve and invite people from the area to come take a look. When the people who donated their old 'junk' turn up with their family, that's when our goal is achieved."

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Taverna will be open every day during Milan design week from 12:00 till 00:00
Address: Cavalcavia Eigenio Basso, Milan

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