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First Steps To a Rietveld Extension

In a truly democratic solution to a years old problem, staff and students have voted on six proposals for the future of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy building in Amsterdam.

By Gabrielle Kennedy / 26-01-2012

In 2009, staff and students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie won their battle against the board of directors to stay put.  The building the school is currently housed in was designed by Rietveld himself for the specific purpose of educating art and design students.

But the school has grown.  It no longer fits in the space.  Something has to change.

The most recent plan is to develop the parking lot that sits between the main building and the Sandberg Institute.  Rather than immediately outsource the project, students, alumni and teachers of the academy have been invited by the board of directors and management to come up with their own vision for the facility.  

Six of the twelve proposals were selected for an exhibition after which students and staff were invited to vote on which design they thought was the best option.

This afternoon it was announced that team of Paulien Bremmer, Maze de Boer,  Sandra Stanionyte, Luca Carboni and Stephanie Willocx won the vote with their "Fedlev" project.

Fedlev is a hybrid concept that does away with a building divided strictly into departments.  Rather, the space becomes a social environment where people meet and exchange ideas  -  not just a new building, but a whole new environment is promised to students. 

In the proposal it is stated; “The results of the voting by members of the organization will serve as an advice for the members of the jury and will be taken very seriously. This advice will only be departed from if there is a strong argument for doing so.”

All images are of Fedlev's Rietveld proposal.

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