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Creative Company Conference 2010

Start date: 14-09-2010
End date: 14-09-2010
Country: The Netherlands
City: Haarlem
Location: Philharmonie


Want to know more about how to apply your design thinking to the service industry? This year's Creative Company Conference explores today's fastest growing interdisciplinary field of design consultancy.

By Editor / 02-09-2010

Themes: Design Thinking, Service Design and Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries.

The third edition of the Creative Company Conference (CCC), an international creativity in business network event held annually in The Netherlands, will focus on Service Design, Design Thinking, Reinventing the Creative Agency and Transmedia Storytelling.

Design Thinking and Service Design are the new buzzwords in international business. Service Design is a fast growing interdisciplinary field of design consultancy which started in the USA, the UK and Scandinavia and is now getting more and more attention from companies and organizations in the Netherlands as well. Service Design is Design Thinking applied to the service industry. Service Design is the activity of planning, organizing people, communication and products that are the components of a service, in order to improve the service and the customer experience.

Service design can be applied in every business sector where there is a service delivered. In the Netherlands more than 70% of the economy is already based on services. Service Design is the practical method to innovate in the service industry. It is very relevant and highly urgent. That is why this year the CCC is focusing on Service Design in its morning program, with speakers from the USA, the UK and The Netherlands and workshops in which you can try out hands-on techniques of Service Design and Design Thinking.

The afternoon program goes on with the topic of innovation within creative companies, be it designers, advertising agencies or (digital) media companies – all need to innovate their products and services to distinguish themselves in the more and more competitive creative marketplace.
And the cherry on the cake: Transmedia storytelling

The closing presentation of this year's CCC is in the good hands of Adrian Hon. Adrian is founder and Chief Creative Officer of the award-winning entertainment production company Six to Start (UK) that is widely acknowledged as being one of the most innovative, creative, and expert games companies in the world. Adrian talks about transmedia games and the future of storytelling.

Speakers from The Netherlands and abroad include Adrian Hon, founder and Chief Creative Officer of the award-winning entertainment production company Six to Start; Oliver King, director of Engine, the leading British Service Design agency which helps clients from all service sectors to improve their service level; Scott Belsky, and author of Making Ideas Happen; Ross Zietz, art director of Threadless, the innovative T-shirt web shop from the USA which is fully built on crowd sourcing; Nathan Cooper, creative director of Anomaly; Roland van der Vorst, director of Amsterdam based advertising agency They; Arne van Oosterom, founder of Design Thinkers and the international Design Thinkers Network WENOVSKI and many more.

CCC will be held in Haarlem, Philharmonie on 14 September 2010.

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