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How to create a complete interior that weighs as much as a single chair? Check out Light Room by Studio Bram Geenen.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 05-05-2011

Studio Bram Geenen's latest project Light Room proves that a minimal use of materials  doesn't necessarily constitute minimalism.

Innovative Dutch product designer Bram Geenen has designed a set of conceptual furniture weighing in at less than 8 kg. “Extremely light materials have many advantages and can contribute to sustainable solutions, as the minimization of materials can reduce energy consumption during production and transport,” says Geenen.

In search of the lightest possible furniture, new materials and techniques needed to be sourced which was no small feat. “The materials and the know-how is out there, but they are often hidden within specialized companies and limited in their applications.” But Geenen managed to get some producers excited: “When companies see how you can apply their materials, they often see possibilities to improve their own products, thus getting more inspired,” the designer continues.

The project includes an updated version of Geenen’s Gaudi Stool - a stool inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s work method and featuring a structural grid pattern. The new stool is made from Dyneema, a fibre-based materials which is extremely strong yet very lightweight.
Another Dyneema-based chair is based on the idea that specific textiles can be tweaked towards a specific task, and can be very effective when dealing with forces. Consequently, a woven dyneema can be used as a base material for strength, a knitted fabric as a soft covering for comfort and a dyneema composite for the rigid parts of a chair.

In addition to these pieces, there is a table made out of silk and kevlar, a 3-D printed chair, along with a shelving system which relies on Tensile force.
Unfortunately we won’t be seeing the products hitting the shops quite yet, as “the products are right on the edge of what’s possible concerning shape and production. Some of the products will be taken into mass-production though.”

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Main image: Light Room
Other images: 1. 3-D printed chair 2.-4. Gaudi Stool

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